Co-op Columbus aims to engage and empower the Central Ohio community to cultivate collective power and wealth. We strive to expand economic solidarity by supporting worker-owned and shared-equity cooperatives in order to mitigate the chronic social and economic challenges affecting the most marginalized and underserved members of our community.

Directory of Ohio Co-Ops

Ohio is home to many different types of co-ops. Columbus Co-op has amassed a list of Co-ops in the State of Ohio. If you would like to have your co-op listed, please contact us below.

What can Co-op Columbus do for your community?

Building intelligent, effective co-ops.

Cooperatives can be a great way to homogenize resources in your community. Learn more about us by subscribing to our newsletter or finding us on Facebook.

Past Events

Our first Co-op Columbus meeting was in August of last year and had a great turnout. We met with local and regional members of the community and our neighboring co-ops.Of the attendees, we heard from Co-Op Dayton, Co-op Cincy, and Ohio Employee Ownership Center at Kent State University.As we continue to grow in 2022, we are constantly looking for feedback and people willing to contribute to the co-op cause. If interested in hearing about our upcoming events, please subscribe or fill out this short interest survey.

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Directory of Ohio-Based Co-Ops

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Co-Op Dayton

Co-op Dayton is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 to develop cooperative businesses that meet community needs: Whether that’s access to fresh groceries or quality job opportunities.

Co-op Cincy

Founded in 2011 as the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative, Co-op Cincy is a non-profit that partners with individuals and organizations to develop worker-owned businesses, create family-sustaining jobs, and build an economy that works for all.

Cleveland Owns

Cleveland Owns is a nonprofit incubator of cooperative enterprises. We organize multiracial, grassroots cooperatives that enable member-owners to build wealth and power because we know that in racial capitalism, ownership matters.